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I just changed my oil today. The E-dipstick registered in the middle. I drained 8.5 quarts out of the two drain holes. I used two 10-quart painters buckets that have marks every quart and liter for mixing -which was very convenient to see how much oil came out.

There was a bit of oil still left in the filter housing that I did not suck out. I added 8 quarts and the computer registered 1 quart low. I added another 1/2 quart and it still registered low. I added 1/2 quart more totaling 9 quarts and now it's registering full.

The oil filter housing (25NM/19lb-ft or 40NM/30lb-ft) - I tightened it to 30lb-ft.
6mm allen drain plug: 10NM/ 7.5lb-ft - my car had twin 6mm allens and I tightened them to 13.5lb-ft since 7.5lb-ft didn't really crush the washer.
8mm allen drain plug: 18NM/13.5lb-ft