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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Exactly. All F1 drivers are an elite group, but comparisons among them are inevitable. And like in all competitions, anything other than #1 doesn't cut it for the 'losers'. But even #10 in the world is an amazing feat. Having said that, not all winners are always the best. Any wins aided by cheating, like Alonso, are illegitimate IMO, but other fanboys might object to that . And no, I didn't mean they're not talented.

A clear case where a winner is not the best was Nicky Hayden as MotoGP champion (by a hair). He was lucky to be consistently in the midpack, while the top riders had accidents, mechanical problems, etc. Still a win is a win, but you just can't put Hayden in the company of Rossi and others.

But there're many considerations more. One is having a great vehicle, like Vettel obviously had, but there's a lot more to it. There's always an infinite number of compromises between cornering and straight line speed, and making the right adjustments is critical. And that's where the team comes in. Then you have the strategists. And the engineers.... Obviously a team effort. There's no denying SV is an amazing driver, but more importantly, he has what it takes to keep focused even after losing 75 points with mechanical DNFs. He's a master at pushing the car to its absolute limit. A fanboy was defending Schumacher he wasn't used to the handling of the new tires, but if you don't learn that in a freaking season, you're not the great driver you think you are. A great driver adapts in laps, not a season. A race or two might cut it, but not a season. SV finally had a bit of luck he eluded the whole season, but that doesn't diminish his win in any way. And that also proves it's a team effort indeed.

Finally, I'd probably rate Alonso up there with Vettel, Hamilton and Kubica (each one has his particular strenghts), but he's an arrogant b*tch .
That's a nice analogy there...did you see Japan MotoGP? Lorenzo was brilliant and Marquez can not seem to clinch the championship with one race to go

anyway, congratulations to Vettel. Like him or not, there is not denying his talent and his history-making performances.
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