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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'm sure it works great to protect the front end. A clear bra does as well especially in novice and intermediate groups. But when you run with guys who have slicks and get into open passing, you'll get chips everywhere unless you protect the entire car. They'll fling all types of stuff on all parts of your car.

So you clear bra the whole car. If you're that anal retentive to clear bra the entire car you're probably the not kind of person willing to deal with a wrinkle in your clear bra. It becomes an expensive and losing battle...I fought it and was beat into submission.

Right now, the biggest issue is not the front but the sides of the car. I get more chips in the paint there on my E46. I'm sure the brake fluid fountain from a busted pressure bleeder hose didn't help the paint but that's a different story
You've obviously never seen my wife's 2002 M3 if you think I'm anal retentive about this. We put 4k miles in Europe and the car saw 4 racetracks (2-drivers) during that time including the new and old N'ring. There's one rock chip we got on the A-pillar we got at 160mph (indicated) on the autobahn. We then brought the car home and did a ton of driving events. If you didn't know its history, you would have thought the car was on the wrong end of the trap range.

And, since I used to race, I understand fully the effect of sticky tires and rocks. Heck, we used to run RA-1s as street tires on my wife's 2.8 Z3!

The E90 M3 isn't a lifer car for us so I'm trying to keep it 'nice'. I paint on the temporary protection on the front, bumper, and mirrors of the car. I probably should do a strip up on the roof and on the 'hips', as you noted. However, I'm usually not behind folks anyway, so it's not that big of a deal.

My point is that for temporary track protection, this stuff is super easy to put on and take off. I'm talking like 15-20 minutes on each end. No biggie.
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