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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
TWS literature states, " ... micro filtered and with its signature fluorescent colour, it is your guarantee of professional quality." This is the only line that missing in the retail 10w-60 literature. I think "professional" is used for oil that's sold to dealers and workshops just to make it look like a different oil. Why would Castrol make to different grades of 10w-60. Doesn't make sense. All a marketing gimmick.

If you look at the spec sheets, you will see that Castrol Edge Sport 10w60 and Edge Professional TWS 10w60 are not the same oil. And in grand Castrol tradition, they selectively omit certain important data from the technical sheets. TWS is API SN whereas Sport is only SM, and TWS carries some manufacturer approvals whereas Sport carries none. Edge Sport has been discontinued though I suspect there's still inventory floating around.

Edge Sport 10w60 was replaced with Castrol Edge FST 10w60....and it matches Edge Professional TWS spec-for-spec, so clearly it's relabeled. It isn't available in the United States, however. Pricing for the jug is pretty cheap.

I guess Castrol decided there wasn't much point in selling two nearly-identical products.

Just be careful which Castrol 10w60 product you buy if you are not in North America.
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