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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Once again, I think some of you are just making stuff up and freaking out for no reason. The bulletin is quite clear and has 3 distinct bullet points listing the 3 oil recommendations. The first one is saying any oil that meets LL-01 rating. The second two are specific oils which are sold by BMW. Nothing confusing about it.
Based on your reading of the bulletin there would be no change to the specification other than to replace the Castrol Formula RS SAE 10W-60 with Castrol EDGE Professional OE 5W30. In other words, all LL-01 oils have been approved for the S65 since at least Jan. 2008. The Jan. 2008 bulletin (partially quoted in Post 60) had the exact same language that is now in the August 2013 bulletin and that you're interpreting as allowing any LL-01 oil for the S65.