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Originally Posted by speedaddictM3 View Post
Is there anything special, unique, or unusual about the S65 engine that I don't know about? The engine in the 458 Italia, which is by far more high strung and potent than the M3 engine, takes 5w40 oil. The way I see it, if a 40 weight oil is good enough for a 458 Italia, it should be good enough for an M3. And since I have no warranty left, I'll be switching out in the next oil change. And no, I couldn't care less what BMW's official recommendations are.
The point of this whole thread is boiling down to risk aversion. The risk for those of us under warranty is that BMW could refuse coverage because an unapproved oil was used. If that's a big concern, then you can read the bulletin conservatively. For those out of warranty, the risk is gone except to the extent that BMW would goodwill a repair but for the use of an unapproved oil. But ultimately it's your car and you can do whatever you want with it, and everyone can draw their own conclusions from the information posted.