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Originally Posted by tightie View Post
Cool - Nice design.

What can you say about your software?

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Thanks! We're very pleased with the our Hex Flash software. It allows for precise throttle feel and smooth power delivery (part and full-throttle) and delivers the performance you'd expect + more from all of our stages, 4.0-8.0psi. From healthy cars, owners have documented even higher performance output. At the end of the day like I've been saying to a few interested customers, words and graphs can only go so far. There's nothing like actually getting behind the wheel of one of our cars. If you know anyone with one of our superchargers installed or would like to come down and drive our long-term test car, you're welcome to stop by anytime.

Our '08 E90 long-term test car was purchased with high-mileage and has since logged +35k miles with the supercharger installed. I've taken it to a few of our local events and it is here for anyone who would like to get behind the wheel.

Originally Posted by Hujan View Post
Very impressive design. It's nit picking, but I'm not a huge fan of the way the manifold looks from the exterior. Not sure how to improve it, but it has a very unfinished/after-thought look to it.
Thanks! The exterior design was inspired to closely match the look of the OEM airbox. Some favor it and some don't so we began offering custom manifolds direct from VF. In the past, customers were having to request a bare manifold and then have to pay for it to be shipped separately and then have it shipped back for final assembly after they've had it painted. Now, you can send us your custom design and we have it painted and assembled before you receive your kit.

Pictured raw direct from casting:

Getting prepped for custom smooth finish:

Some finished examples:

Custom designs direct from VF:

See more Custom Manifold designs here: