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I live in Dubai too...I know the other reason that could behind all this! There's only one agent for each car manufacturer over here. Max 2(chevrolet, AL yousuf and liberty, I think they are the only one)....Anyway, my point is, there is no competition over here for dealer's to make their price low....So they increase their price to their liking....They are selling corvette's for 215000dhs....It should priced around 180000dhs according to USA....Heck..the 335i should be priced around 160k but its a whopping 235k ova here.

Anyway, the other reason could also be the Euro against the weak dollar.....UAE follow's dollar (actually most or all Gulf countries) the conversion from Euro to dollar is becoming heavy over here....!

Anyway....the weak dollar is going to hit european cars in USA in the coming days....Sources indicate that the price of a euro car in USA is going to increase substantially(1/5th of the old price,according to my estimate )

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