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Tuff Tire Shine Review

I've been using Tuff Tire Shine for some time now and it is an absolute amazing product. I originally tested this about a year or so ago on my daily driver. It lasted me about 3-4 months with only one application, but never documented it. My daily was driven 350+ miles a week, sat outside 24/7, never saw a hand wash by myself, and only went through automatic car washes about twice a month on average. No reapplication was present throughout the 3-4 months. At the end you could definitely tell the tires had product still left on them, but obviously there was no high shine left. Honestly it might have even lasted longer, but the car was involved in an accident so it sat at the body shop for a few weeks, collected dirt and dust, and when they delivered it it had been detailed with new tire dressing applied. After that the car switched ownership over to my dad so I never tracked the tires after that.

Fast forward to now, I got some new rims for my new daily driver and it came with almost new tires that only had 100 miles on them. The pictures that follow are almost the same conditions. Car sits outside 24/7, driven 350+, no auto car washes but for most of the two months it saw only high pressure washer water. I used the tuff tire brush with just soap and water twice on the tires. No reapplication since the original application and only one coat iirc are on these tires. I tried taking pictures at different angles to give you an idea of what they look like now. This specific tire has seen the worst damage because when I parallel park I sometimes rub the curb with this tire slightly. I might have rubbed twice, but you can see what they look like after my recent wash. Remember this is all on the initial coating I put on about two months ago. Feel free to ask any questions