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I've just found the September copy of the same data and edited the original post.

- F30 LCI
- F48 (new X1)
- F54
- G11/G12
- F15 X5 28i engine (ridiculous, in my opinion)
- F45 220i

And something close to the final confirmation that some US F31 and F34 RWD versions that existed in development are not making it to production (basically, whoever's been waiting for non-sedan RWD 3 series to come to the US - my advice is to give up).

F20 LCI (not listed here since it's EU only) and F30 LCI give us a good view into BMW's plans for the transition to B-series engines. It seems that, for a given displacement, the higher-output versions of the current engines will continue, while their lower-output versions will be replaced. So, for F30 LCI we'll have 320i with B48 and 335i with B58, but 328i will continue with N20/26. F20 M135i, having the higher output version of N55, will continue with it (just like N20 125i and N13 118i), while most other F20s will transition to B37/B38/B47. Based on G11/12, there's also no 8-cylinder engine in B-series lineup yet, so N63 is also staying.

F48 X1 is confirmed to be FWD (US is xDrive only, but EU will get FWD).

There's a whole new range of new production code designations for F06/12/13, I'm not clear what this is about yet.

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