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Originally Posted by hudamang View Post

It's all good man.
I was just trying to communicate that $1-3 million dollars doesn't really mean much in terms of net worth / property value. That "bosster hymen" even thought I was trying to e-ball is ridiculous.

In California, million dollar net worth or thereabouts means you are comfortably middle class. In New York, it'd probably be lower middle class. But in Ohio, it could be considered upper class. Reference this Zip Code Article. If you had $1 million in liquidity, meaning you can move the money easily, that'd be a different story.
The American middle class, at least those living the lifestyle, has become known around the world for conspicuous consumption. To this day, the professional middle class in the United States holds the world record for having the largest homes, most appliances, and most automobiles. In 2005, the average new home had a square footage of 2,434 square feet (roughly 226 square meters) with 58% of these homes having ceilings with heights in excess of nine feet on the first floor. As new homes only represent a small portion of the housing stock in the US, with most suburban homes having been built in the 1970s when the average square footage was 1,600,[36] it is fair to assume that these large new suburban homes will be inhabited by members of the professional middle class.

Anyway, I told my GF to read this article.

Then she watched this video on her own when browsing on Amazon Prime.

After a combination of the two and some changing of mentality/mindset, I'd say she is pretty happy nowadays without any materialistic reinforcement.

I still stick to my conclusion that all a woman wants is sacrifice of what you consider most valuable: whether it is time, money, or attention.