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All this bilge that "it's alright for an NBA player to cheat because other famous NBA players have cheated before" is perhaps one of the most retarded statements I have ever read on this forum, finally beating out the words of that holy KAS exhaust praiser.

So you think that personal character has absolutely nothing to do with career? That's laughable.

Michael Jackson. Child molestation. Ruined.

Jerry Lee Lewis. Married 13-year old second cousin. Ruined.

A hundred athletes. Drugs. Ruined. Killed.

McGreevey announcing he's gay. Ruined.

Bhatty Malik. KAS exhaust. Ruined.

Now, lastly, in my own eyes: Kobe Bryant, suspected rapist and cheater, ruined. While I'm not stupid enough to assert that he lacks basketball skills, it's quite apparent that the "haters" you LA folks preach of are actually quite abundant not only nationally but worldwide. While his reputation has been horribly maligned by his careless acts, he's doing ok in attempting to rebuild his reputation.

He didn't just cheat, but was suspected of rape. That's a totally different scenario. Even though the trial never went through, he's scarred for life. Poor fella...