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Originally Posted by turb0mike View Post
Fair enough. I live here in the states and have never seen one on the track, and that is in SoCal, where the HPDE scene is heavy. I know about Tom's Supras and Castrols Supra etc etc so I'm not ignorant to the fact of their previous history in professional racing. So perhaps in Japan they are all that great but over here all I'm saying is you just don't see them on the track. Call it a culture difference.

And I still hold I like the S85 better... hah
I guess Supras are getting rarer and rarer as it has been 20 years since they came to the market, and it's getting more difficult to find the owners taking them out on racing circuits nowadays. Like F32 has mentioned, it was a rare car to begin with, hence the reason why it is hard to see them on the track let alone on the streets.

Regarding drivability, people simply go way too big on the turbo size as the engine can pretty much take all you can throw at it. However, when setup with a small turbo around 500~600hp, the drivability is pretty good. If you wish to maintain stock drivability, you can get a upgraded set of stock turbos and put down over 500rwhp.

Anyway, I have to say that with modern technology, BMW's turbo I6's are more efficient and offer better drivability and efficiency. Still, I find it pretty amazing that 20 year old engine is still being mentioned and compared with the best of modern engines.

Damn I miss my Supra. Hopefully the new M4 will make me forget about my old Supra!!