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Originally Posted by turb0mike View Post
Fair enough. I live here in the states and have never seen one on the track, and that is in SoCal, where the HPDE scene is heavy. I know about Tom's Supras and Castrols Supra etc etc so I'm not ignorant to the fact of their previous history. So perhaps in Japan they are all that great but over here you just don't see them on the track. Call it a culture difference.
I HPDE regularly and have seen Supras every now and then, but no...they are not common. They are rare cars to begin with, let alone use to race. That's not to say they aren't capable, though. They are great on track and can be made to perform with the best of them. Look up Andi Baritchi and his One Lap of America Supra circa 2002-2003.

Most people, however, are rational and utilize/build on a car for its intended purpose. A Supra is a relatively heavier (for the 90s) GT car. You wont see many on a track, just like a 4-door 3-Series BMW is best suited for daily driving and grocery-getting duties, which is why you don't see many of those on a track either. People looking at 90s Japanese performance car for a weekend racer would look into an RX-7 or NSX well before a Supra.

Do you YouTube search for Ridox Supra if you wanna see what a badass street-driven Supra is capable of on a track.