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Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
Did you get rid of the Type-R for the M3? If so, that's too bad, as that's kind of a classic. The integra was a great car for the time, particularly the Type-R. I had an integra (not a Type-R) that I'd probably have kept far longer had we gotten a manual.
I did get rid of it. When I moved from the Seattle area to Salt Lake I sold some toys to fund my wife's Masters program. She now has a great job, and with her signing bonus and selling off another car, I was able to get into an 'upgrade' for essentially a cost-neutral transaction.

The ITR was a fantastic car. On track, you could easily push 9/10ths and feel confident and more often than not be faster than many cars 2 to 3 times the price. Not to mention rotors + pads were $50 per corner, and R-compounds were $400/set. I built the motor and did the ECU tuning myself, it made just over 230hp to the wheels (~270 crank hp) through a 2.0L motor, revving to 9400 RPM

The only downside to the Integra was the "scene" it was associated with. Plus, being in my 30's and driving a loud Honda was becoming a nuisance. I miss the car for all of it's good attributes, but it was a good decision in the end.
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