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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
If FBO can get you into 10s trapping high 120s on an otherwise stock Supra, then fair enough i'll concede my argument. That is extremely impressive. Where does the traction come from?
Traction is not that big of a deal. Of course nothing will hook on 19" HREs with 30-profile street tires, especially with a powerband like a high-HP Supra. Even my Vette doesn't fully hook in second gear sometimes...which redlines above 90 MPH. Low-profile street radials simply can't hook that much power, so yes, there are Supras which will break traction at upwards of 140 MPH (there's a video or two on YouTube).

On proper suspension and tires (which doesn't require much), traction issues are mitigated. SW's Supra has gone 7.91 @ 189 MPH, and that's with the stock 6-speed trans, an upgraded LSD, HKS coilovers, and tires which fit without having to tub the car. It also happens to be the word's quickest manually-shifted car...