Thread: N54 vs 2JZ-GTE
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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
What type of power does a FBO stock twin Supra make? I have a tough time believing that would hang with a 6466 N54 from a dig or roll.
My knowedge is up to date as of 5 years ago, but upwards of 500 RWHP. I think the record is a hair above 550 RWHP but that was pushing it, of course. There were plenty which have run high-10s at high-120s on stock twins, so yes...that's more than enough to hang with any N54 car.

Again, this is current info as of ~2008 when I was in the scene. Haven't checked the latest...figures have likely been improved upon, but I don't think much effort and resources are put into pushing stock turbos when single turbo kits are out there for next to nothing.