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Originally Posted by F32 View Post's not a "dyno queen" motor. Stop looking only at the examples of the 1200+ RWHP ones which are obviously built for a specific purpose. Besides, "dyno queen" implies the cars make a ton of power but aren't fast. The fact is, up until a few years ago when AMS GTRs and UG Gallardos ruled the street, it was a handful of Supras which were among the fastest street-driven vehicles in the country. So many of them are 160+ MPH cars in the 1/4-mile with full interior, stock geometry suspension, stock transmissions, etc.

With a small single turbo, they can easily make 600 RWHP with all the drivability you can imagine. Keep the stock twins will full bolt-ons, and the car will still run with even the fastest, built N54 cars with a better TQ curve than stock.
Big turbo Supras struggle to make power down low, and canít keep traction up top on anything resembling a stock drivetrain and suspension. Dyno queen may have been a bit strong, but for daily driving a big power car, there are numerous options that are SO much more usable on the street. Iím on record as saying the 2JZ is one of the strongest and for its time most advanced motors ever produced, Iím not knocking it. Just my 2C, my experience with Supras is entirely anecdotal.

What type of power does a FBO stock twin Supra make? I have a tough time believing that would hang with a 6466 N54 from a dig or roll.
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