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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
2JZ GTE is the stronger motor. Most statements beyond that come down to subjective preference regarding what youíre trying to accomplish with the platform. A fully closed deck iron short block, one of the beefiest cranks ever put in an OE car. Itís a dyno queen motor and the power curve sucks for real life drivingÖbut itís so beast.'s not a "dyno queen" motor. Stop looking only at the examples of the 1200+ RWHP ones which are obviously built for a specific purpose. Besides, "dyno queen" implies the cars make a ton of power but aren't fast. The fact is, up until a few years ago when AMS GTRs and UG Gallardos ruled the street, it was a handful of Supras which were among the fastest street-driven vehicles in the country. So many of them are 160+ MPH cars in the 1/4-mile with full interior, stock geometry suspension, stock transmissions, etc.

With a small single turbo, they can easily make 600 RWHP with all the drivability you can imagine. Keep the stock twins will full bolt-ons, and the car will still run with even the fastest, built N54 cars with a better TQ curve than stock.