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Originally Posted by gazosnic View Post
One thing i noticed is that there are a ton of 08's and most of them are overpriced compared to 09 10.
Definitely agree with this statement. Of course production stats showed a large decrease in 2009 and especially 2010 before surging back with 2011 models. Nonetheless, the low end of the resale market has surged in the past couple of years to prop prices on 2008 models. Almost two years ago now (January 2012) I almost bought a 2008 E90, fully loaded except no sunroof (exactly what I wanted), with 42k miles, and I had the deal closed at $35,000 even.

I decided to wait and get a 2010 or 2011 and then a whole year later found an unreal condition 2011.5 with only 16k miles and CPO -- almost all options except sunroof and EDC -- exactly what I wanted. Paid $54k for it back in Feb.

Since that time, prices on *all* E90 M3s seem to have held strong. Non-sunroof cars are highly sought after too, so if you have one, find that right buyer who is desperately searching for one. Of course now that EAG is stepping into this market, expect even more firm pricing going forward? I mean they just sold a non-roof E90 for $2k more than I paid almost a year ago, and it had 37k miles versus my 16k, and it wasn't BMW CPO.
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