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Originally Posted by turb0mike View Post
No about what?

I never said it wasn't great but what are we comparing here? If we look at reliability and sheer power then 2JZ. If we are talking about mileage, weight (im taking a stab here), and overall technology than N54...

I have never seen a supra on a circuit... They are all dyno queens and straight line. Just not my cup of tea... maybe if someone puts a 2JZ in an e90 I might change my mind hahaha.

And I would have an S85 over a 2JZ any day of the week... That V10 and 2k redline though...
I used to own a Supra and I wish I could own another one. As I no longer live in the states, it is hard for me to find a low mileage, pristine example.

Anyway, you comment you had never seen a Supra on a road course. Well, there are many owners who take their cars to HPDE events and Supras have won many time attact events and series including One Lap of America and many tuner shootout events until R35 GT-Rs started its domination.

You claiming to never seeing a Supra on a road course seems ignorant and shows you are not that active with road racing scene. Supras always get criticized for being dyno queens because high hp monsters usually take all the highlights. With stock twins or a small single turbo at around 500~600hp with fast spool, Supras make one hell of a road racer. How do I know? I have been there, done that, and have witnessed many great examples.