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Originally Posted by Arben72 View Post
I'm surprised that they decided to use almost the same engine for the new x5m/x6m. Sad that bmw m can't make a new engine for every new body style anymore. Also by auto, does that mean dct or just a regular automatic or both? It seems like both but just want to be 100 percent.
It's not the same engine exactly. E70 X5M uses the O0 revision, F10 M5 uses T0, and F85/F86 will come with T2, so I would expect about 10hp/10lbs bump. This is in line with F15 using the same engines as E70, benefiting instead from lighter weight and improved drivetrain. And it's been the norm for a very long time now for BMW to use the same engine with minor variations in many different models.

No idea what kind of transmission will be there - the source doesn't specify that.