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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
I'd love to see you go to the Omni in Houston during the TX2K night gathering and espouse that to those guys that brought UGR Gallardos, AMS GT-Rs, TT 'vettes + Vipers, and big single Supras *lol*.
Just because you have money you know how to race? Lol! I know guys with shit banger civics that could out race a lot of individuals with expensive cars but they don't have a lot of money so they will only ever drive that civic.

Again, I don't know if that event consists of rolling starts or off the line starts but if you cannot hook then what is the point in the race? Think about've put $50,000-$100,000 worth of mods into a car and you go to the line but you just spin out for 5 seconds. Pointless, agreed?

When you go to a track and race, do they let you have a rolling start or from the dig? Obviously from the dig, now we don't need excuses just because it is laps it has to be from the dig, no, it is the SAME concept.

I have a friend with an M5 that is rated at over 500whp, NOT CRANK, and what are our cars rated at whp, 340? I still took him, cos he couldn't hook for sh*t at the time. He was just spinning out for like 3 seconds and couldn't catch up in the 1/4 mile.

As for the person that will reply and say these cars are not made for 1/4, I agree but we are just trying to get a point across. Don't forget guys, all my personal and humble opinions.