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Originally Posted by Skooterbrah View Post
So.... you have never heard of shift s3ctor or any of the other roll/airstrip events.... roll racing is a very serious category these days
Yes I have and again the mean nothing to me, my personal opinion that to put your money where your mouth is the race should be from a dig. If you cannot hook your power then it is all a waste.

Originally Posted by Skooterbrah
Don't believe it? Here's a vid of me putting bus lengths a 458, twice.
Lol. I could bring a 600hp Supra with stock internals and have it whoop our STOCK M3's... Would that make any sense to anyone? Not at all. A race should either be stock for stock or modded for modded. Pointless in sitting around here saying you whooped a 458 when you are at 700hp and that thing is stock. Also, it will still get more looks, more attention and more women that you don't know to jump into the passenger seat.