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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Read the damn thread. If you want comfort, run factory spec. If you want a little more grip add more.

Look at my wheel+tire combo. Hardly factory spec, so that sticker is worthless to me.
Hmm, from what I understand based on reading and my own and others' track experiences, typically you increase grip by REDUCING tire pressure. Obviously that's only true to a point, but that increases your contact patch. Pros for example will typically drop front tire pressure and/or increase rear tire pressure if they want more oversteer because that creates a more front-biased grip setup. However, some have found that increasing tire pressure can make the car FEEL better at turn-in, which I suspect is because there's less rubber in contact with the road that needs to be turned (and at high cornering load there's less chance the tire will roll over onto its sidewall), but your absolute grip wouldn't be as high.

Check out this thread, especially the third post:

This page out of a great book is also informative:
'16 Cayman GT4 (delivery pics, comparison to E92 M3 write-up)

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