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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Note: My comment has nothing to do with the video.

Are you retarded? A REAL 1/4, 1/2, 1 or even 2 mile race is always from the dig. Any race that is from a roll doesn't mean anything. If you can't hook from the dig then all the power is for nothing.

It's like saying let's put your car (assuming it is still the one with the mods in your sig) up for a race against a 700hp supra, from the dig will most likely kill it cos of hooking and the aerodynamics of the M3 but if it's from 20+ then he will slaughter you.

Just as my M3 to Supra comparison, this M3 to GT-R comparison is whack. Completely different league of cars. It is like putting a 1500hp GT-R up against a Bugatti, I couldn't care less if the GT-R will win all day, it is NOT stock for stock and I would much rather have the car and lifestyle to go with the Bugatti.
So.... you have never heard of shift s3ctor or any of the other roll/airstrip events.... roll racing is a very serious category these days

Originally Posted by Amgeater2 View Post
wowwww this guy needs a serious talk with a psychologists.... so he can come back to reality.....
Incorrect, my ESS/AR 700 slaughters stock GTR's. Only GTR to get me to date was my buddies Alpha 7 on E85, and that was by a car from 25-170.

Originally Posted by M0J0 View Post
A supercharger won't help you against even a stock GTR. I looked at buying one before I got my M3. While it is insanely fast I have not where to drive a car that fast. I would be beat up if I drove a car in Houston with that tight of a suspension. My M3 goes plenty fast for me in the city. The only car I would trade up for my M3 would be a 458.
Once again, incorrect. An ESS-625 would suffice vs a stock GTR. Much less something like what i'm running (ESS/AR 700) Once again, yes i have slaughtered stock GTRs. Don't believe it? Here's a vid of me putting bus lengths a 458, twice.

Originally Posted by ibmike View Post
That wont help.
It does more then help friend.
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