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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Had a chance to drive my friend's 991 C2S back to back with my M3, so I figured I'd leave a short review comparing the 2:

What I like on the Porsche more than the M3:
+ Interior is gorgeous, but that's obvious
+ Less body roll than my M on Swift springs
+ Perfectly weighed clutch
+ So much more grip coming out of corners

What I thought was better on the M3
- Engine noise, no comparison
- I thought my friend was exaggerating, but between 2-4k, that 911 really isn't all that fast. I'm sure it's just deceptive, but it feels like a dead spot, then past 5k it pulls like crazy.
- Even with center muffler delete, the car is very quiet

Yeah, the 2k-4k power thing is likely due to either the torque curve or the way the variable valve timing is set on the 911. Especially if it pulls like a freight train after a certain RPM.

The weight distribution on the 911 likely aids the superior traction our of corners.

Is your friend's 911s a Targa?