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Originally Posted by regular guy View Post
It's an interesting discussion. To play devil's advocate (and nothing else), one could argue that forum members take better care of their cars because they are better informed about their maintenance, etc.

As proof of that, one local dealer in my area had three blown M3's in the shop at the same time three weeks ago. Very likely if these had been forum members, you would have heard about all of them. So did they all abuse their cars because they are less informed, or is there really a problem that is only now beginning to be discussed?

Again, devil's advocate...and nothing more.
Just because one drives the ///3 like a grandma during the warm up process doesn't make one a less of a driver. It's your hard earned money and you have every responsibility to look after it. Next to a house the biggest investment one makes is buying a car, especially an /// car.

I think it's the boy-racer attitude from the time you turn the key that's detrimental to this particular engine. There is a reason why a warm up procedure is described.

Not everyone is an enthusiast like you and me. We listen to what people have to say, read manuals, share knowledge and information, and take care of our cars. We love our cars and passionate about them.

But for most, it is a car, that's there to be driven. Get them from A to B. They don't care about warm up process.

I am not saying every single bearing failure is attributed to this. The other day I was at the dealer, and someone got in an ///3 and blasted away. I didn't know how long the car had been parked, and I assumed it was the dealer tech doing it, and I pointed it out to the service manager, and telling him about the bearing issue. He told me it was the owner who was picking up the car after a service. There you go. When you have show-offs like that, it's easy to see the problems. Probably he doesn't know anything better.

Yes, people follow the break-in process but after that all is forgotten.

Whilst there is merit to the argument for a thinner oil given the tight clearance, I am sure it's just not down to that.

I've seen a couple of cars with over 100k km or close on this forum, and they had zero lead in the oil BL oil analysis. If it's true that higher mileage cars will see increase bearing issues, then there is something wrong with these cars.

I am sure these cars are loved and well looked after by the respective owners hence a healthy oil report.

I have seen people drive past me and look at me to say that I am an idiot when I first get on the roads in the morning. I don't care. It's my car and I will drive the way I want.
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