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Originally Posted by saeedg48 View Post
I'm so sick and tired of people complaining about the "fake sound the new BMWs come with"

I read someones post on the board the other day who said something along the lines of; "the new bmw m3s fake sound coming through the speakers is enough of a fault, and for this reason I will not be purchasing the new M3/ M4, I am now considering a lexus".. As we already know this is only one of the many negative generic comments on this topic.

So! you're telling me you're going to completely overlook the entire car and all its good because the car is so well insulated,
and in BMWs effort to bring some of that sound back/ make the car more engaging and exciting they've introduced accurate,
synthetic sound through the sound system, you're going to overlook the entire car, and "buy a lexus"

Let it be noted when you're not in the sport/ sport+ throttle settings there is no sound being "played through the speakers".
The difference between the sound being on/off is hardly noticeable. It's more of a hum playing in the background.

I acquired my 2014 M6 late May, and I can tell you since then I have zero complaints with the exhaust sound, level, tone, or volume for that matter.
In my honest opinion I prefer the sound of the S63tu motor over the V10 in the previous generation my brother just so happens to own. Stock v stock.

I've owned more than a few cars over the years, including a CLS63 and M3. I can tell you the M6 sounds better than both..
So I highly doubt the M3/ M4 will sound as "bad" as the members of this forum have put it out to be.

Lets not forget the E92 M3 doesn't sound like God himself coming out of the factory either, it takes an aftermarket exhaust system to wake things up.

Now with that said I have AMS catless downpipes on the new M6 and what a huge difference it has made.
Expect the same results with the new M3/M4. For all you whiny members of the board, if I have to read one more complaint about something so petty -
I'm going to come to your house and blast prerecorded exhaust clips till you lose your hearing.

If you're interested in anymore input videos or sound clips feel free to ask and I'll put my fingers to work.
You come to my house and blast your exhaust clips all you want, in return I'll blast my AR. JK OP, but seriously relax. Just don't read them if they make you that upset.
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