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Lightbulb Upcoming BMW model pipeline - from G30 and G01/G02 to G20 and beyond

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This thread contains the information about future production plans compiled by me from various leaks within BMW organization.

This top post is now continuously updated: everything that becomes official is deleted, new research is added.


Can you guarantee that all of these models will come to market?
- No.

Can you tell me where you found this info?
- No.

Upcoming new models:

- These are just US market models, EU is simply too varied to type in all combinations.
- Model years marked with (?) are only best guesses.

2018 I01 i3 LCI - November 2017

2018 (?) G30 5er
- 540d xDrive

2018 (?) F39 X2
- sDrive28i
- xDrive28i
- xDrive M35i

2019 G02 X4
- xDrive30i
- xDrive M40i

2019 G05 X5
- sDrive40i
- xDrive40i
- xDrive40d
- xDrive40e
- xDrive50i

2019 (?) G01 X3
- sDrive30i
- xDrive30e
- xDrive30d

2019 I12 i8 LCI

2019 I15 i8 Roadster

2019 G20 3er (choice of sDrive or xDrive for all models)
- 320i (questionable)
- 330i
- 330d (questionable)
- 330e
- M340i

2019 (?) G07 X7
- xDrive40i
- xDrive40d
- xDrive50i

2020 G11/G12 LCI - March 2019

2020 F97 X3 M

EOP for current models:

F26 X4 - 03/18

F12 6er - 06/18
F06 6GC - 02/19

F15 X5 - 07/18
F16 X6 - 07/19

F30 3er - 10/18
F80 M3 - 10/18
F31 3er - 06/19
F32 4er - 06/20
F82 M4 - 06/20
F34 3GT - 07/20
F36 4GC - 07/20
F33 4er - 10/20
F83 M4 - 10/20

F22 2er - 10/20
F23 2er - 10/21

F48 X1 - 06/22

G30 5er - 10/23

G01 X3 - 11/23

Consolidated list of 2015 updates:
  • G08 X3 LWB is planned for China.
  • The new generation of the Phantom, just like the Cullinan, will be built on the new 7-series platform.
  • There are some hints that B48 may get a version with 400cc per cylinder displacement. This makes as little sense to me as to y'all, considering all the noise about 500cc being the perfect size and the single parts bin for all B engines, but still there it is.
  • BMW is working on more driver assist features. In the future, the vehicle will inform the driver about the possibility of overtaking, the right of way, and pedestrians behind the vehicle.
  • (So far unconfirmed, but the signals are strong) All UKL platform cars (both BMW and Mini) are going to get the dual clutch transmission some time in 2017.

February 2016 update:
  • F97 X3M (G01 based) and F98 X4M (G02 based) are coming.
  • i3, in addition to the bigger battery, will get another (sportier?) version called i3s

June 2016 update:
  • Just like Scott promised, no more wagons for this side of the pond. You want a Touring - grab an F31 while you still can. I have.
  • i3 will continue evolving - there'll be another iteration of it, and that's when we could get the i3s version, whatever it's gonna be.
  • The full range of F39 X2 will include not just x28i, but also s28i and (B48 is maturing!) AWD M35i.
  • G02 X4 will be available as x30i and x40i, and a RTW-only diesel, nothing fancy here.
  • G14 convertible and G15 coupe 8 series. Yes, they will come. Moving on.
  • G05 X5 is indeed coming in 2018, shortening the F15's lifecycle to just five years. The product range will remain pretty much the same, with 35i and 35d becoming 40i and 40d, which should surprise exactly no one.
  • G07 X7 will be introduced at approximately the same time (it's unlikely BMW will do both X5 and X7 simultaneously, but the spacing won't be more than a few months apart). U.S. gets x40i, x40d, and x50i, while RTW will also have x30i and x30d.

November 2016 (#notmypresident edition)
  • The next M5, X5M, and X6M will all get the same engine, S63B44T4. Note that the latest production iteration of this engine is T2. My best guess for the reasons for skipping T3 is that T3 did exist, but the engineers went further and made a still better version.

November 2016 take 2
  • For 2018 BMW X2, these are the more interesting options that we don't have on X1: 19" RFT or 20" non-RFT with M Sport, adaptive suspension (likely as a part of M Sport), Galvanic Gold paint, Guidance Package.
  • Production codes for the next 1 and 2: F40, F41, G42, G43, F44. I wonder why the coupe and the convertible are G while the rest are F...
Actually, I know that the last couple of months y'all have been waiting for something else. Well, your prayers have finally been answered: I can confirm that M2 CS will differ from the regular M2 in exactly the way you wanted. Though it'll be slightly detuned compared to M3/M4, to 400hp. M2 CS is MY2019, coming in calendar year 2018.

December 2016
  • Despite recent rumors, there will be an 8 GC. For starters, there will be the same 840i, 850i, and non-US 830d and 840d as with G14 and G15.
  • i8 LCI should add ~15hp.
  • Did I say "M2 CS" in my previous update? I meant "M2 Competition," of course. Sorry.
About the S55-equipped M2: it's actually unclear, what it'll get as the official name. There are "M2 CS", "M2 Cs", and "M2 Competition" mentioned. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But even if it's the latter, it won't be the equivalent of M2 with ZCP: remember, it's a totally different engine, not an ECU reflash like ZCP does. And yes, in the US it will be MY2019.

January 2017
The following comes from a new unverified source, so please don't give it as much trust as to my previous reports. Still, to me it seems plausible, so worth posting.
  • EU 530i and 520d EffDyn will have a shorter production run than other G30s - up to 06/18. The assumption is they will be re-engined (this matches with the rumors of B48 TU coming out at G20 introduction).
  • Under the same assumption, 540i, M550i, and US 530i will be re-engined in 07/19. I find it interesting that US is again going to be one year behind EU with 4-cyl replacement.
  • 530e will continue until at least 06/20.
  • EU 325d and 425d will end production in 02/18 (again, likely new engine)
  • G11/G12 LCI starts production in March 2019.
The next four items are repeated from previous leaks, but this is an independent source, and when two sources say the same thing, it can hardly be called a rumor anymore
  • F30 EOP is 10/18:
  • F31 EOP is 06/19 (if you want a new custom order BMW wagon, don't delay past April 2019!)
  • F32 EOP is 06/20
  • F33 EOP is 10/20
  • F34 and F36 EOP now seems to be 07/20 (that is, F34 will have a longer than expected run, while F36 production will be cut short). This date is actually very unusual: BMW EOPs all its Germany-made models in February, June, or October. The best explanation I have is that, as rumored, F34 and F36 will be replaced by a single 4GT model, and its production will be moved from Dingolfing to Mexico.
  • G30 EOP is 10/23, so it will have the customary 7 year run.
  • F48 EOP is 06/22
  • F60 EOP is 10/23
  • F26 EOP is now 03/18 (so G02 SOP will be 04/18)
  • F15 EOP is confirmed 07/18 (G05 SOP 08/18)
  • F16 EOP is confirmed 07/19 (G06 SOP 08/19)
  • i3 LCI SOP 11/17
  • i8 LCI SOP 03/18

February 2017
  • I15 i8 Roadster should become available around the same time as I12 i8 LCI, as a MY2019.
  • I mentioned a long time ago that Minis would get DCT at some point. That point now appears to be the LCI coming for F55/F56 later this year.

March 2017
  • M8: F91 Cab, F92 Coupe, F93 GC. Coming in 2019-2020.
  • i3s will get ~15hp extra and bigger standard wheels.
  • Corrected EOP dates for F12 and F13: moved from 10/18 to 06/18.
  • F97 X3M will start production as a MY2020 vehicle (expect early 2019 intro) and will debut S58 making 450-460hp.
  • RR Cullinan is tentatively SOP 08/20.
  • F48 LCI SOP 07/20

April 2017
  • It's now confirmed that the US 30d models (next 3 series and X3) will in fact have the same engine as the European 20d models.
  • In future models, M Sport package will include a different exhaust system.
  • New colors with the intro of G02 X4: Terra Brown (C1L) and Sun Stone (C1M).

July 2017
  • Current EOP for G01 is November 2023, which means a shorter than usual 6 years and 4 months run. Both gas models will get TU engines in August 2019.
  • In a year or so the electric range of the i3 will be bumped to approximately double of the original version.
(Like I warned earlier, my source is now almost dry.)

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