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Lightbulb Upcoming BMW model pipeline - from G29 and G05 to F92 and beyond

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This thread contains the information about future production plans compiled by me from various leaks within BMW organization.

This top post is continuously updated: everything that becomes official is deleted, new research is added.


Can you guarantee that all of these models will come to market?
- No.

Can you tell me where you found this info?
- No.

Upcoming new models:

- These are just US market models, EU is simply too varied to type in all combinations.
- Model years marked with (?) are only best guesses.

2019 G14/G15 8er
- 840i
- 840i xDrive
- 850i xDrive

2019 G29 Z4
- sDrive30i
- sDrive M40i

2019 G05 X5
- sDrive40i
- xDrive40i
- xDrive40d
- xDrive40e
- xDrive50i

2019 G07 X7
- xDrive40i
- xDrive40d
- xDrive50i

2019 F39 X2
- xDrive M35i

2019 G01 X3
- sDrive30i
- xDrive30e
- xDrive30d

2019 i3
- 120
- 120 REX

2019 G20 3er (choice of sDrive or xDrive for all models)
- 320i (questionable)
- 330i
- 330d (questionable)
- 330e
- M340i

2020 G11/G12 LCI - March 2019

2020 F97 X3 M

2020 F98 X4 M

2020 F95 X5 M

2020 F91 M8 Convertible

2020 F92 M8 Coupe

EOP for current models:

F12 6er - 06/18
F06 6GC - 02/19

F15 X5 - 07/18
F16 X6 - 07/19

F30 3er - 10/18
F80 M3 - 10/18
F31 3er - 06/19
F32 4er - 06/20
F82 M4 - 06/20
F34 3GT - 07/20
F36 4GC - 07/20
F33 4er - 10/20
F83 M4 - 10/20

F22 2er - 10/21
F23 2er - 10/21

F48 X1 - 06/22 (LCI SOP 07/19)

G30 5er - 10/23 (LCI SOP 07/20)

G01 X3 - 11/23

G31 5er - 02/24

F39 X2 - 02/24

G32 6GT - 06/24

G02 X4 - 07/24

2016 updates:
  • F97 X3M (G01 based) and F98 X4M (G02 based) are coming.
  • Just like Scott promised, no more wagons for this side of the pond. You want a Touring - grab an F31 while you still can. I have.
  • The next M5, X5M, and X6M will all get the same engine, S63B44T4. Note that the latest production iteration of this engine is T2. My best guess for the reasons for skipping T3 is that T3 did exist, but the engineers went further and made a still better version.
  • Production codes for the next 1 and 2: F40, F41, G42, G43, F44. I wonder why the coupe and the convertible are G while the rest are F...
  • Actually, I know that the last couple of months y'all have been waiting for something else. Well, your prayers have finally been answered: I can confirm that M2 CS will differ from the regular M2 in exactly the way you wanted. Though it'll be slightly detuned compared to M3/M4, to 400hp. M2 Competition is MY2019, coming in calendar year 2018.
  • Despite recent rumors, there will be an 8 GC. For starters, there will be the same 840i, 850i, and non-US 830d and 840d as with G14 and G15.

January 2017
The following comes from a new unverified source, so please don't give it as much trust as to my previous reports. Still, to me it seems plausible, so worth posting.
  • EU 530i and 520d EffDyn will have a shorter production run than other G30s - up to 06/18. The assumption is they will be re-engined (this matches with the rumors of B48 TU coming out at G20 introduction).
  • Under the same assumption, 540i, M550i, and US 530i will be re-engined in 07/19. I find it interesting that US is again going to be one year behind EU with 4-cyl replacement.
  • 530e will continue until at least 06/20.
  • EU 325d and 425d will end production in 02/18 (again, likely new engine)
  • G11/G12 LCI starts production in March 2019.
The next four items are repeated from previous leaks, but this is an independent source, and when two sources say the same thing, it can hardly be called a rumor anymore
  • F30 EOP is 10/18:
  • F31 EOP is 06/19 (if you want a new custom order BMW wagon, don't delay past April 2019!)
  • F32 EOP is 06/20
  • F33 EOP is 10/20
  • F34 and F36 EOP now seems to be 07/20 (that is, F34 will have a longer than expected run, while F36 production will be cut short). This date is actually very unusual: BMW EOPs all its Germany-made models in February, June, or October. The best explanation I have is that their production will be moved from Dingolfing to Mexico.
  • G30 EOP is 10/23, so it will have the customary 7 year run.
  • F48 EOP is 06/22
  • F60 EOP is 10/23
  • F26 EOP is now 03/18 (so G02 SOP will be 04/18)
  • F15 EOP is confirmed 07/18 (G05 SOP 08/18)
  • F16 EOP is confirmed 07/19 (G06 SOP 08/19)

March 2017
  • M8: F91 Cab, F92 Coupe, F93 GC. Coming in 2019-2020.
  • Corrected EOP dates for F12 and F13: moved from 10/18 to 06/18.
  • F97 X3M will start production as a MY2020 vehicle (expect early 2019 intro) and will debut S58 making 450-460hp.
  • RR Cullinan is tentatively SOP 08/20.

April 2017
  • It's now confirmed that the US 30d models (next 3 series and X3) will in fact have the same engine as the European 20d models.
  • In future models, M Sport package will include a different exhaust system.

July 2017
  • Current EOP for G01 is November 2023, which means a shorter than usual 6 years and 4 months run. Both gas models will get TU engines in August 2019.
  • In a year or so the electric range of the i3 will be bumped to approximately double of the original version.
(Like I warned earlier, my source is now almost dry.)

August 2017
  • Like X3M, F98 X4M is scheduled for MY2020, with market launch either simultaneous with F97, or a very short period of time apart.
  • M4 CS production will end no later than 06/19 (a full year before the scheduled EOP for the standard M4).
  • Since the G2x platform has been confirmed to have both G24 and G26 codes, the rumored merge of 4GC and 3GT may not actually happen. I still believe Mexico will be their primary assembly plant.
Now, something new to this series: future engine lineup. This is likely not comprehensive, but should still cover a lot of ground and give you a good idea of what to expect in the future. I believe the timeframe covered by this information is 3 years, maybe 4, so each statement below that says "will happen" or "won't happen" should be read as "will/won't happen in the next three years". Also note the absence of any mention of hybrid or electric engines - I don't have a good enough picture to talk about those.
  • B37 will not get any major updates in RWD models anytime soon. The transverse (FWD) version has a TU planned. No new versions are planned.
  • B38 will get TU for all existing versions (starting with the recently updated F48 sDrive18i), with the exception of the 1.2L one and the one that goes into i8. No new versions are planned.
  • B47 is simple: TU for all versions with the exception of longitudinal 16d (will be dropped?)
  • B48 is starting to get its first TU (now available in Europe in F48 sDrive20i). The TU version will soon find its way into more UKL models, and then we'll see it in the CLAR cars, either with 07/18 "model upgrade measures" in G30, or at G20 intro. The only new version of this engine currently planned is the one that will go into UKL M35i, B48A20T1. The longitudinal versions will remain limited to 20i (B48B20M1) and 30i (B48B20O1).
  • B57 - TU for 30d and 40d, but not 50d.
  • B58 will get a TU (probably mid-2019), and with the TU will come a new version, B58B30O1. Note that up until now, all models, even the highest output X3 M40i, have been using the M0 version of this engine. O1 will probably take us even closer to 400hp, and I won't be surprised to see new model names (M45i? though don't quote me on this).
  • N63 is currently in its third iteration (TU2), and there will be the fourth one (TU3) that will add two new versions, one below (M3) and one above (T3) of the current O2 (to be succeeded by O3). This actually looks somewhat illogical to me, since the future top version of B58 and the future bottom version of N63 should end up really close to each other in output. I suspect one of them may not actually happen.
  • N74 used in the brand new Phantom is actually one iteration ahead of the one in M760i (TU2 vs TU1) in addition to being bigger (6.8L vs 6.6L). M760i will catch up with its own TU2 soon, but there will also be something new, probably RR specific (Cullinan Black Badge?): N74B68M2.
  • S55 will not get a TU, but will be replaced by S58 (full name S58B30T0), as we already know.
  • S63 just got its newest upgrade in F90. It's going to stick around for a while.

September 2017
  • 8 series news: market intro summer 2018. Many things we saw in the concept are going into production, the mad instrument cluster and laser lights are some of them. A standout option (something we never had as an actual selectable option) is CF roof available with M Sport. Engines are a mixed bag: diesels seem to be carried over from current models, but lucky for us here we don't care for diesels, what matters is the 850i (note the absence of "M"): the revised N63 will produce well over 500hp. This should make most people happy, I think.
  • B48TU in 30i vehicles will get a small power increase to 255hp. This is the engine G20 330i will come with.
  • Speaking of G20, it's getting all the cool toys we've seen or only heard about. The same new instrument panel as the 8, special diff included with ZMP, ambient light, laser lights (even US cars), significantly improved autonomous driving capabilities, etc. A totally unexpected addition is remote engine start. But overall, interior quality and equipment are going to match or exceed the new X3.
  • B58TU will also get a small power increase to 335hp in non-M 40i versions. We'll see it in G05 first.
  • N63 version used in G05/G06 will output 465hp. This is a new revision of N63, which means G05 won't have any legacy gas engines.
  • S63 may get a small power bump in F95/F96 compared to F90. Really small.
  • G05 X5: same toys again: the new instrument panel, optional laser lights (LED standard), and it looks like M Sport will come with 21" or 22" wheels. Which I think is crazy.
  • F95 X5 M is confirmed as MY2020. 2019 is going to be very busy for M cars.
  • i3 with the 120Ah battery will be available in 2018 as a MY2019.
  • F44 2GC (2 Series Gran Coupe) is confirmed for the U.S.
  • G07 X7 is confirmed for (near-)simultaneous introduction with G05 in 2018. One interesting bit is that the top diesel model (non-US with the same old B57S) currently carries the M50d designation, with a bunch of M pieces as standard, while the top gas model is still xDrive50i, and the same M pieces are options. As widely reported, G07 will be very similar mechanically to G05, with the main differentiation in creature comforts and the 3rd row specific configuration: there will be 6- and 7-seat versions and climate control will have 5 independent zones (because having only four zones is so plebeian).

October 2017
  • Good news/bad news about G29. Good news: M40i will have power output at the upper end of our expectations (not very far from M2/S55). Bad news: I haven't seen any G29s with a manual.
    sDrive30i will not surprise - same engine as G20 330i. Interesting colors are Misano Blue, San Francisco Red, and Frozen Grey II. And you'll be able to build a Superman Z4 too. Mid-2018 market intro as previously established.

November 2017
  • Confirmed engine upgrades (B48TU, B58TU, N63TU3):
    • 7/18 - non-US B48 G3x
    • 11/18 - G20 intro with new B48 and B58
    • 3/19 - G11/G12 LCI with all upgraded engines (BTW, 750i becomes xDrive only at that point)
    • 7/19 - US B48 G3x and all B58 and N63 G3x
    • 8/19 - all G01/G02
  • EOP for G32 is 6/24.
  • M2 CSL is a real thing.
  • Confirmed 300hp for B48A20T1 engine (X2 M35i, future M235i GC).
  • A more powerful hybrid powertrain is coming in 745e and X5 xDrive45e models.
  • G08 (X3 long base) is being considered for other countries besides China, including US/Canada.
  • F39 X2 M35i will be introduced in mid-2018 as a 2019 model. It will be the first model to use the new iteration of B48 engine producing approximately 300hp. Only automatic transmission will be available. The car will have the same bits offered on the already introduced X2 models equipped with M Sport package, adding LED lights as standard and special M Sport seats (not clear yet, if they'll be standard or optional).
  • 850i is out, M850i is in. This is strictly a naming and packaging change (M Package with M Sport brakes, diff, steering wheel, rear spoiler, and active steering becoming standard for this model).
  • M340i details: same power as Z4 M40i (380hp or more), automatic only, M features: M Sport brakes, M diff, variable steering, M suspension (option 704 standard even with xDrive, adaptive suspension optional), M steering wheel, M exterior, rear spoiler, 19" wheels. The rumored carbon roof was just a rumor. Interesting colors: Portimao Blue, Blue Ridge Mountain. And some bad news: it will be a delayed intro, so we won't see it until Spring 2019 or later.
  • Regular readers will remember that I first reported about a weird 1.6L version of B48 a couple of years ago and couldn't figure out what or why or when. Now we have the answer: it will be used in some models with 20i designation and will produce only 170hp. It will go into G20, G01, and later other models. Right now it seems that this engine is targeted primarily or exclusively at 3rd world markets.

December 2017
  • The target power output for S58, the engine to be used in M3/M4/X3M/X4M, is 475hp.
  • Comp pack will be available as an option on X3M/X4M, possibly right at SOP.
  • F91 (Conv) and F92 (Coupe) M8 begins production in 2019 as MY2020. The F90 drivetrain will carry over without changes, though there's the possibility of a very slight power output increase on the US models. Comp pack will also be an available option at SOP.
  • There are now five different M cars that will come to market in 2019. This is madness.
  • G11/G12 LCI scheduled for early 2019 is mostly about putting together all the pieces I wrote about earlier: 750i goes up to 465hp with the new revision of N63, 740i goes up to 335hp with the new revision of B58, and the new 745e (replacing 740e) will make 390hp. Live Cockpit (all-digital instrument panel) will be standard and laser lights will be optional. The most interesting bit is that G11 could return to North America.

February 2018
  • Supra details: three engines (EU-only 195hp 20i, 255hp 30i, and 335hp 40i - and this means the 380hp Z4 M40i will be offered only by BMW and only in North America and a few other non-EU markets). Intro later this year, common sense suggests it will be simultaneous with Z4. It will be Toyota in name and body design only - everything inside the car is the same familiar BMW stuff: same options, same colors, same interior materials. Speaking of colors, it feels almost like a throwback to the 00s: Glacier Silver, Atacama Yellow, and Crimson Red are coming back, though there'll also be a new matte gray. For the interior, you'll be able to choose between fabric, alcantara, and leather, and (the gods have heard us!) all of these choices will be available in the U.S. Wheels: 17" standard with 18" and 19" optional on 20i and 30i, 18" standard and 19" optional on 40i. 40i gets standard M sport diff, while on 30i it will be optional in something that BMW would call "ZMP". Market positioning for the car seems to be distinctly lower than BMW, for example, the barebones 30i will have manual seat adjustments and no nav system. And, finally (cue the sad trombone): all models are automatic only.

April 2018
  • F40 M135i xDrive: I don't usually write about non-US models, but I feel I should make an exception here since the US M235i GC will be virtually the same car in a different body. So, here's what to expect: same engine as X2 M35i (300hp version of transverse B48), sport automatic only, xDrive only, M Sport configuration includes as standard: bodywork, suspension (non-adaptive), brakes, steering rack, 18" wheels. Regular sport seats will be standard, with upgraded M Sport seats optional. As far as other options, pretty much anything you can add to a G20 will be available on F40 too (well, not rear wheel drive, of course). Still on track for 07/19 SOP.

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