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Lightbulb Upcoming BMW model pipeline - from F16 to G12 (B58 engine to succeed N55)

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This thread contains the information about future production plans compiled by me from various leaks within BMW organization.

The top post is now continuously updated: everything that becomes official is deleted, new research is added.

Can you tell me when these models are coming out?
- Not anymore.

Can you tell me which of these models will come to market, and which ones we'll never see?
- No.

What options will be available on these cars?
- I list everything that could be found on at least one model; for specific models, I provide the most interesting options known to be available on them.

Can you tell me where you found this info?
- No.

This is just the US market, EU is simply too varied to type in all combinations.

I have determined that I've been too optimistic in my ability to distinguish LCI in the constant stream of model updates. As a result, 2016 is no longer suggested to be the year when we will see LCI for F22, F32, F33, and F36. It is possible that this will be the timeframe for engine updates, with proper LCI happening later.

- X5 40e, xDrive, N20B20O0, auto - confirmed

F22 SOP 07/16, EOP 10/20 (this may or may not be the LCI):
- 230i B46B20O0 replaces 228i
- M240i B58B30M0 replaces M235i

F23 - same as F22, but with EOP 10/21.

F26 SOP 12/15 EOP 03/18:
- X4 M40i, N55B30T0, manual and auto

F30 LCI SOP 07/15 EOP 10/18: - confirmed
- 320i, RWD and xDrive, N20B20M0 - confirmed
- 328i, RWD and xDrive, N20B20O0 and N26B20O0, EOP 06/16
- 330i, RWD and xDrive, B46B20O0, SOP 07/16 (replaces 328i, EU market gets it at LCI)
- 340i, RWD and xDrive, B58B30M0 replaces 335i
- 328d, RWD and xDrive, N47D20O1
- 330e, RWD, XB1141M0 SOP 11/15 replaces 335iH

F31 - same as the corresponding F30 models, but with EOP 06/19.

F32 (not LCI, only new engines; LCI date unknown) EOP 06/20:
- 440i SOP 03/16
- 430i B46B20O0 SOP 07/16

F33 same as F32, but EOP 10/20:

F34 (likely LCI) SOP 07/16, EOP 03/20.
- 330i xDrive B46B20O0
- 340i xDrive B58B30M0

F36 same as F32, but EOP 02/21:

F45 SOP 03/15 EOP 02/18:
- 220i, FWD, B48B20M0, manual and auto
- 225i, xDrive, B46B20O0, manual and auto
- 223e SAT xDrive, manual and auto. There's a new engine code, XB2 1.49 M0. No idea what it is.

F47 (X2)
- X1 xDrive25i, B46B20O0
- X1 sDrive25i, B46B20O0

F48 SOP 07/15 EOP 06/22:
- X1 xDrive25i, B48B20O0 and B46B20O0 - confirmed
- X1 sDrive25i, B46B20O0 - confirmed

F52 (FWD 1-series sedan):
- 120i B46B20M0 FWD
- 125i B46B20O0 FWD and xDrive

F54 Cooper Clubman, B36A15M0 and B38A15M0, SOP 07/15 (FWD) or 03/16 (AWD), EOP 06/22
F54 Cooper S Clubman, B46A20M0 and B48A20M0, same SOP/EOP
F54 Cooper S Clubman Diesel (final model designation TBD), FWD, B47C20O0

F57 Cooper Cabrio, FWD, B36A15M0 and B38A15M0, SOP 11/15 EOP 10/22
F57 Cooper S Cabrio, FWD, B46A20M0 and B48A20M0, same SOP/EOP
F57 Cooper JCW Cabrio, B48A20O0, SOP 03/16 EOP 10/22

F60 Mini Countryman: Regular and S versions, FWD and AWD.

F80 LCI:
- M3 will be refreshed simultaneously with the regular 3 series. No major changes, likely to affect only some interior bits and headlights/taillights. - confirmed

F87 SOP 11/15:
- BMW M2, N55B30T0, manual and auto

- 750iX is the only potential short wheel base 7 series for the U.S.

- 750Li, RWD and xDrive, N63B44O2, auto - confirmed
- 740Li, RWD, B58B30M0, auto - confirmed
- 740Le RWD, auto, engine XB1 1.99 O0 - late intro (MY2017?)
- 735d, B57D30O0 engine, to be sold as 730d in ROW - late intro (MY2017?)
- 760i, N74B66U1, an updated version of the engine currently found in RR Ghost and Wraith. - late intro (MY2017?)

- 530i B46B20O0
- 540i B58B30M0
- 550i (possibly xDrive only)
- 540d B57 (possibly xDrive only)

EOPs for current models:

F01/02 - 06/15
F06 - 02/19
F07 - 06/17
F10 - 10/16
F12/13 - 10/18
F15 - 07/18 (to be replaced by LCI, not a completely new model)
F16 - 07/19
F25 - 07/17
F26 - 07/18
F80 - 10/18
F82 - 06/20
F83 - 10/20

M4 GTS (the fact that it exists is all I know.)

Option lists

G11/G12 7 series:
- LED lights standard with laser optional
- B&W audio
- Advanced parking assist
- Most optional wheel styles will be bi-color (I'm guessing similar to i cars?)
- Next gen drive assist
- Wifi hotspot
- i8 style display keyfob
- selective headlight beam (I'm sure everyone expected that)
- active steering still there for the clueless
- new climate related options: "heating comfort" and "ambient air" packages
- automatic parking with remote control
- touchscreen (confirming what was suggested by the recent spyshots)
- new drive assist is called "active comfort drive"
- gesture control (feel free to guess what this one might do)
- rear passenger oriented options will provide heated/massaged/ventilated lounge chairs and online entertainment
- wireless charging for phones

F30 options that are new for LCI (confirmed
- LED headlights and foglights
- Possible removal of Xenon as an option (if true, 328i would have to choose between halogen and LED)
- selective headlight beam
- BMW Individual is being considered for F30
- New touchscreen system from 7 series is unlikely at this time

General list of future options, not related to any specific model:

5AS BMW laser lights
2VS active comfort drive with camera
6U9 BMW touch command
5AV active guard
407 panorama glass roof "sky lounge"
6WD wifi hotspot
3DS BMW display key
3KA acoustic comfort windows
4HB heat comfort package, front
4HC heat comfort package
443 LED flashing warning light blue/yellow
4VC inductive charging
4VD preparation, inductive charging
4F5 executive lounge rear console
4FH climate comfort seats
6FR rear entertainment experience
5A1 side view assist
4HA seat heating, front and rear
5DM parking assistant (working name)
5DN parking assistant plus (working name)
5H1 range extender (working name)
6NP USA telephony
4F4 executive lounge seating
3CL welcome light carpet
6AG e-drive services
6U8 BMW gesture control
3CM leather engine cover

U.S. F48 X1 will have three lines: xLine, Sport Line, M Sport. Some of the available options:
- Active suspension
- Active cruise control
- LED headlights
- 17" wheels standard, 18" optional

Update 6/20/15 (I hope this is big enough to make up for the long silence):

F39 is still using the "Xcite" designation. Whether or not it will be marketed as X2, is unclear. The good news is that in addition to the FWD and AWD 25i models (probably to be marketed in the U.S. as 28i), there will be the xDrive35i model.

There wil be an update to i3. Not exactly clear on what that will mean - probably a bigger battery.

G01 X3 is being tested with a range of 4- and 6-cyl B engines, and both 30e and 40e PHEV setups.
G02 X4 is diesel and gas only, no hybrid at the moment.
G08 X3 LWB is planned for China.

G32 5GT will get the same engines as the other G3x models, including the hybrid.

The new generation of the Phantom, just like the Cullinan, will be built on the new 7-series platform.

There are some hints that B48 may get a version with 400cc per cylinder displacement. This makes as little sense to me as to y'all, considering all the noise about 500cc being the perfect size and the single parts bin for all B engines, but still there it is.

The PPK (M Performance Power Kit) for 340i/440i is in the works.

BMW is working on more driver assist features. In the future, the vehicle will inform the driver about the possibility of overtaking, the right of way, and pedestrians behind the vehicle.

Or, and we've all heard that BMW doesn't really want to play nice with Apple, and CarPlay may not be coming, right? Well, maybe, or maybe not.

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