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Originally Posted by Dashman View Post
We are already 7 years into the car's production, not sure how much more time you want to go by. And there are plenty of high mileage cars out there already. Again a statistically insignificant amount of bearing failures.

Of course people on the forums driver harder and in a more abusive manner..that's just common sense..take a look around..all you got is track junkies yelling "hold my beer and watch my bearings fall out"..c'mon now, huh.
We may be 7 years into the car's production but how many cars out there have more than 100000 km on the odometer? I did a canada-wide search on autotrader and found only 3 cars out of over 140 for sale that had more than 100000 km on the odometer. You can't dismiss the question mark about the long term reliability of the S65 with regards to the bearing issue.

And you still haven't provided evidence that forum members are harder on their cars than other owners. Do you think everyone else who owns an M3 and is not on this forum drives like a grandma? I can make a counterclaim that non-members are less likely to be car enthusiasts so they are less likely to follow proper maintenance, break in, and warm up procedures. In fact I recently met a supercharged E92 M3 owner who was not a member of this forum. Nor have you provided any evidence that driving the car hard is worse on the engine than babying it. There are people who do not track or drive aggressively yet still had engine failures due to excessive bearing wear. The only evidence we have is that bearing clearances are much tighter than what is considered the norm in the industry, and that the TWS oil is a lot thicker, especially when cold, than what other similar engines require in their oil. So far no one has provided an alternate hypothesis to explain the excessive bearing wear on our engines. And BMW's change in recommended oil specs recently seems to further vindicate the hypothesis about bearing clearance being a problem. So far, those who doubt that the S65 has a bearing problem have offered nothing more than speculation, unsubstantiated personal opinions, and mere denials.