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Originally Posted by Dashman View Post
This post is sensational, If you look at the numbers of bearing failures vs total production runs. the number is not even statistical signifcant to make an assertion like this.

The fact is most people on forums do max their cars, pushing into its limits. And they are also the same folks likely to post about these bearing issues.
You claim my post is sensational yet your logic is highly flawed. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that people who own M3 do not drive them too much. So even though the E9x is out of production the fact is that very very few M3 are actually high mileage. right now some of the 08 and 09 models are beginning to rack up the miles on the odometer. So even though the failure rate has been low, you can't extrapolate and make claims about long term reliability of the S65 engine right now. Time will tell over the next few years, as more M3 get up there in mileage, whether the S65 will remain durable or whether failed bearings will destroy one engine after the other.

Also, you claim that people on the forum drive their cars harder and have a higher failure rate than other owners. But you have no proof of that. How do you know that the tens of thousands of owners who are not on this forum are not also experiencing engine failures that are quitely being fixed under warranty? Do you have access to BMW's statistics?