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Originally Posted by Spool View Post
Relax man, don't have ur panties in a bunch...

I just think it's funny you picked the two teams that are playing the best right now to go to the Superbowl...a retard with a half a brain can come up with this logic. If you were so sure of this, log on to and put ur bet in, if you are correct these two will go, you'll win lots of money by betting the odds...

Many factors come into play late in the season, based on this logic of yours, then the Chargers shoulda made it to the superbowl last year no?

Besides, i bet most of you guys think that NFL is real...

shit's so rigged it's not even funny, NFL is like a better acting version of WWF wrestling...
Life is rigged. I did bet. Pre-season I threw down on Dallas and San Diego and Dallas and New England to make it. Funny you should mention the Chargers. $500 lost, unless SD pulls a miracle, and the opputunity to make a nice wad if my other pick holds up. Let a retard put money up before regular season starts.....
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