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Originally Posted by Hujan View Post
I am about to install my own spoiler, but I'm having a hard time picturing what you guys mean by taping up the trunk with painter's tape. Does anyone have any photos of this?

Do you mean that you run tape across the front edge of the spoiler where it meets the trunk so that half the tape is on the spoiler and half on the trunk, sort of like a "hinge" between the spoiler and trunk? I suppose I could see how that would serve to keep the spoiler in the correct spot and would prevent Betalink from squirting out onto the top surface of the trunk, but would still allow you to squirt Betalink under the spoiler where it belongs.
I ended up installing using 3M tape. It was pretty straightforward and came out nice, but having done it, I would probably use Betalink if I had to do it again. For one, I can't imagine how it would be harder than tape. I was really concerned about misaligning the spoiler, but it's pretty easy to line it up. I test fit it first and used blue painter's tape to mark where the edges should be on either side, making little adjustments until I got it dead on. This made it very easy to nail the placement when I did it "live."

Why would Betalink be easier? Because it was a bit of a PITA to line the tape up on the spoiler. You have to make sure it's stretched thin enough so there is no gap between spoiler and trunk. You also have to make sure it's far enough back from the edge so you don't have take sticking out. All in all, it seems to me that Betalink would be easier to put on and would allow you to wipe up any reside that squirts out.

There is the concern about getting excess on the car, but you could mitigate that by putting tape down on the trunk close to the edges of the spoiler to catch excess Betalink. Plus, it's not like the stuff dries instantly; you have some time to wipe it up. And, of course, the Betalink is guaranteed not to fly off at high speeds. I do worry about the tape.

Cliffs: Installed with 3M tape. Went pretty well. Would do with Betalink if I had to do again.
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