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Originally Posted by Sick Speed View Post
Hey just curious about something. Many people have posted on here everytime there is a color that is not an M color. My question is why does it matter? Doo doo brown could be an M color but I certainly would not have it just because it is an M color.

Are you trying to say that because it is not an M color then it will not be as unique? I mean...the fact that the car is an M3 is not unique enough?

In the end it comes down to personal preference and not if it is an M color or not.

Sparkling graphite kix till six....and mixed with fox red....BAM!!!!! Perfect combo....FOR ME that is...

Thanks for the video Savage.

You're absolutely right, it doesn't matter. Anyway my personal preference is not to choose a color that's not M specific, but to each his own.

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