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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
What can i say more ?
Look what they say in Australia (aussiem3 see above) and in the UK,and here in Belgium.......?!?!
And what i personal think about the bearing problems is that we need to follow strictly the warm up procedure with our S65 engine and that with any kind of oil !
I have seen people on this forum with 120,000 miles on it and more and that with the Castrol TWS 10W60 !
I explained this in my main article...or at least I thought I did. Not all cars will explode even though all cars do have too tight bearing clearance.

We are talking a lot about this problem and guess ,but the real there one ?
Yes there is a real solution: resize your crank journals, or use bearings with more clearance. At this time, there are no such bearings, so the only real solution is to resize your crank journals. Changing oil to 0W30 won't solve the clearance issue, but it will help mitigate it and help make your bearings last longer.

Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
I am not privy to what's happened with these engines. May be at some point in time, it might have encountered "cold" abuse. Some of the claims have been dismissed based on what was discovered through the ECU. They have seen some rev limiters raised, but I don't know whether these car had suffered bearing wear.
Keep in mind that when a catastrophic failure occurs, BMW just like almost any insurance company, will try very hard not to pay the claim. Insurance companies would go out of business if they indemnified every claim made against them. That's why they look for ways to refuse payment. Big warranty claims are no different. BMW is actually looking for reasons to avoid paying the claim. So if they find anything anomalous in the ECU, they will refuse to cover the claim. We've all read about this many times on the forums from guys whose warranty claims were refused even though they swear they never did what BMW claimed.

So please don't assume it is all down to bearing design. If there were no other contributing factors, BMW may honour and replace bearings under warranty or goodwill. Even if they get a slight sniff of skulduggery, then brace yourself for a hefty bill.
I don't think there's anything wrong with the bearing design. At least, nothing that I've seen thus far. Kawasaki did some analysis on the bearing designs, but his results aren't posted yet. I've always believed Clevite bearings were some of the best in the world. So let's see what Kawasaki posts in his analysis of the bearings.

I am just letting you know what has been told to me. Yes, I have BPM stage I tune and looking forward to TMS Test pipes and BPM Stage II in the near future. But top speed and rpm will all remain stock, and I religiously warm up my car, even to the extent, I wait for the instrument cluster to show the oil level before increasing the rpm over 4k.
Keep in mind, you are getting information from a dealer service adviser, not a guy with mechanical engineering degree. When you ask him a question about this topic, he really doesn't know the answer. Trust me...the SA doesn't have the answers for you, so trusting him to answer these questions is trusting the wrong person.

Just because it's a motorsport car and every component is made stronger than a series car doesn't mean it should be abused from the time you turn the key. There is a reason why the warm up sequence is built into instrument cluster. You can't plead ignorance.

So for us outside NA, it is 10w-60, and no hiding behind bearing issues. I am sorry and that the fact of life.

This is nothing against people like Kawasaki, regular guy (PG) and others who have gone to extreme lengths to point out the obvious issue - bearing and clear issues. Yes we do agree, but the point is, when BMW through it's official channel states there is nothing wrong, there is nothing one can do. This is the case at least outside NA.
BMW has NOT stated nothing is wrong, and they never will until they are forced by class action lawsuit to issue a recall. If they admitted something were wrong, then they would have to also issue a recall or else they would get a class action lawsuit. So lack of admission by BMW is not proof that a problem doesn't exist. But announcing an oil change to 0W30 is almost the same thing as admitting you have a bearing clearance problem...but without saying it directly.

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