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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
The battery OP installed is around $1,000-1100 for the equivalent battery. The best application for a street car from voltphreaks is their 9lb 45aH 1200CCA unit at ~$1700. At 52lbs of weight savings, that's not such a bad cost/lb ration compared to the other stuff people do to lose weight, but still nutty expensive unless you're competing with the car or just doing it for fun
I just looked this up and its the VPR-S40. At $1,660 its not bad for the weight you are losing, when compared to high priced cat back exhaust systems, which shed much less weight for the money.

Item Specifications
Model Number: VPR-S40
Nominal voltage: 12.8 volts
Cranking Amps (CA): 1270 amps
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 780 amps
Capacity: 49 Ah
Reserve Capacity (RC): 63 minutes
terminal type: SAE post (requires adapter), M6 male, M6 female
working temperature: -22F to 140F (max 170F)
dimensions: 9.75x3.75x7.75" (not including terminals)
weight: 9.5 pounds

I should also add, these batteries carry a 2 year warranty. If its not up to snuff, one could always argue with Voltphreaks about a replacement.
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