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Originally Posted by Scottz71 View Post
the Yankees suck and their owner is the devil...what's your point.
waaa waaa dont be jealous

Originally Posted by Scottz71 View Post
wow...that's a lot of hate...

how can you like a-rod and his bloated contract, he's the reason pro-sports are such a joke...

giambi is a roid' cheating jerkoff, who is 'not forgiven' for apologizing for cheating...he should be banned from baseball...

jorge posada is a little frog-faced bitch...

roger clemens sucks...'nuff said.

abreu is a bigger bust than drew...NY media should have run him out of town in May...

damon is a silly-armed waste of time/money...glad he's out of boston...

joba-the-hutt is a cocky punk...good luck when he implodes like the rest of the young yankee arms...then you're just stuck with the geezers...

but I won't disrespect Jeter...he may be a yankee, but he has always been clutch, a true captain, and a respectful ballplayer...his numbers may be down a bit from past years, but he's the glue that has kept the franchise together...YOU yankee fans should be lucky to have him...

now, i do agree that the post season will be fun...given the crazy things that happended this season...choke-jobs, records, bonds, no-no's, etc,'ll be a great month...

good luck to all...
typical responses from a non NYY fan. the guy had 1 horrible post season and he gets blasted. hmmm jorge; best catcher in the AL, possibly even MLB. every other person you named has been clutch for us so far. :sad0147::sad0147::sad0147:. what happened last year when you guys didnt even make the post season?

Originally Posted by Scottz71 View Post
a) he's not gay...

b) the devil gets f*cked in the seat by saddam hussein...i learned that on South Park.
the owner might not be gay but certainly theo is..