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The reason why it doesnt support auto night mode is because for some reason the CIC screen for the E9x series doesnt come with a light sensor at the bottom of the screen. On my CCC or the CIC screen from E60 they both come with a plastic screen that protect the led screen. On the bottom of the screen there is a light sensor.

If you look at the CIC screen from a E60 it comes with the plastic lens that covers over the housing. In the middle there is a tiny pin hole where the sensor is located. I noticed this because when I retrofitted my CIC unit into my 2007 I wanted the plastic housing over my screen, so I retrofitted the housing onto my new cic screen taking it from the CCC screen. Well thats when I noticed this light sensor. It unfortunate that the circuit board from the E9x cic screen is a drop different than the E60. That is the only difference and hence thats why E60s can have auto night mode available and we cant....We have a slighty different cic board than E60

Look at the pic...On the left of the flash bulb reflected on the screen, there is a small pin hole on the bottom. That where I took out the light sensor that was attached to my CCC screen. I looked at E60 CIC screen which has this lens and it also has this tiny pin hole..
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