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Originally Posted by valen View Post
I have Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's mounted on my Avant Garde ZCP style wheels. The exact specs are bellow.

Front: 19x9 ET18 - 245/35
Rear: 19x10 ET25 - 265/35

The rears tires are new and if possible it would be nice to reuse them up front. Could I put the rear tires on the front wheels without experiencing any rubbing? the car is stock but will eventually be lowered a bit. I just want to make sure the front could handle the wider tire. For the rear I'd like to get some more grip and was looking into getting a pair of 295/30's. However, if the rear is too big I can go either 285/30 or 285/35. Anybody got some suggestions as to which way I should go. Also, are run flats better or worse for handling? I've had both types, but not on my M3.

Thanks guys!
It will rub bad with 265/35 on the front. Some guys have run the rear tires up front if you run the 10" wheel up front. No way witht he 9" wheel.
As far as the back, 285/30 is the ideal fit but they are shorter and no pss are available.
If you are going to the 295 I would get the ad08r over the pss, they actually look normal on the zcp wheel. The pss to me has a serious bulge.
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