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Originally Posted by happos2 View Post
AD08 and PS2 are comparable how? In grip? No way. PS2 has less grip, less road noise. I know you stated in your opinion...but it is a fact that AD08 is supreme to the PS2 in grip!
I said fairly similar -meaning overall characteristics including wet grip, and I did state the AD08s edged out the PS2 in dry grip...

I will further elaborate that the AD08 keeps its performance up over the course of many track days much better than the PS2 where the PS2 falls off in performance and grinds of the shoulder of its circumferential grooves after a day or session (depending on how heavy the car is), but outright new vs. new the PS2 isn't that far off. This was back to backed on my E36 M3 and have driven on AD08s on many different cars.