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Originally Posted by Billj747 View Post
R888 is a "rounder" tire/profile than the more square and stable AD08. AD08 is thus more stable but the R888 is an R-comp and a stickier tire. The RA1 has a square profile and is an R-comp and a great tire. Better than both in the rain when new and about the same as the R888 when worn to a slick.

IMO the AD08 and PS2 were fairly similar with the AD08 just edging it out, but i've never driven on the PSS to compare but it should be a lot better than the PS2.

Why not go with a Nitto NT01? I'd probably take a 275 NT01 over a 295 R888/PSS/AD08.
AD08 and PS2 are comparable how? In grip? No way. PS2 has less grip, less road noise. I know you stated in your opinion...but it is a fact that AD08 is supreme to the PS2 in grip!