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Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
you should read up more on tire fitment. a 10 inch wheel is not wide enough to run a 295 on and maintain good handling characteristics. this forum is littered with people who have done this and will tell you the same thing. there is a reason that BMW runs fitments like 9.5 / 10 inch wheels on a 265 tire.

additionally, I have run re11 and PSS on the same wheel and the re11 was much wider than the pss. the shape of the tire is totally different, RE11 is much more square. I have also seen ad08 next to PSS on the same wheel, and the ad08 is significantly wider

the difference between 295 and 275 is not that significant, and the fact that A ) the wheel / tire fitment on a 295 is not stretched enough and B ) the fact that PSS is far inferior to AD08 in overall grip tells you that the results of the ad08 would be better.

IF you feel like you need 295s, you should buy wider wheels (10.5-11 inches) and run an ad08 on that wheel
I've been looking for wheels for 2 years now and I can't find anything I'm happy with

So maybe I will put a 275 on it but I'll cry if it doesn't work maybe even a 275 r888