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Today Vince Carter came out and said Kobe is not being a good role model by scoring 81 because the kids now think its all about scoring. This rite here is a great example of a Kobe hater and Vince Carter should be the last one talkin about being a good role model when last year he admited to playin bad so he can be traded in other words hurt the team for his own benefit!

Today Reggie Miller was on ESPN and they asked him what do u think of kobe's performance and what Vince had to say about it... he said it was probably one of the greatest performances he had ever seen and said its sad that his own peers have to say this about him and especially coming from vince one of the most selfish players in the NBA and sayin anyone who tries to bring Kobe down is just jelous. Then he wont on to say that Kobe mite seem at times that he is a selfish player but there is no one in the NBA that wants to win more then Kobe and he would do anything to win.

So for all of u guys that want to attack Kobe on any level go ahead because we all know the real truth.