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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
If you're interested in perception get a g37s coupe with the 7 speed and paddle shifters. You can have your fun when you want, you get all the perks of a 370z however you sacrifice slight performance due to the weight of the luxury features.
Hmm I haven't considered. I like the g37 but it's missing something for me, a bit to plain butI can't put my finger on it. I am definitely going to give the BRZ a test drive as well as the 370. Regardless of which option I choose the car will undergo some modifications; wheels, drop, exhaust, and maybe a front lip. The Z would get some TE37s while the BRZ would get Enkei RFP1s. BRZ I would prob track while the Z would cruise.

Now I had a buddy throw in a wildcard option... Evo MR...

I'm taking a guess in terms of reliability: Scion, Nissan, Mitsubishi?

I hear everyone out and I truly thank you for your input, however I want everyone to also keep in mind that the non negotiables are: turning my M into a DD or getting a manual- I simply don't care to have one. Even with the govt shutdown my buying price has gone up to 35K.