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Originally Posted by lutfy View Post
Stee, AWESOME! Care to share why your car is so light? Also how do those stock brake pads last you? Stock rotors or anything else?

I'd go through a set of pads in 3 days at Glen (08) but I am NO Where near running your times. Also you feel the 275s have enough grip at the back?

AWESOME time!!!


Car is light because I removed the rear seats, rear center console and trunk lining. Super easy to do and can go back in any time.

I'm on stock rotors and these pf08s seem to last really well. I've had no brake issues at all. I do try to brake as little as possible (brakes only slow you down anyway ). I have 2 wet/damp glen days on stock suspension and stock contis and 1 long dry day at Monticello on them as well as these 2 dry glen days from this weekend and there's still decent meat left on them. I think a combination of those brake ducts and a mentality that I will brake as little as possible are why they seem to work so well.

The 275s all around felt very balanced. Car didn't understeer or oversteer at all (which also means I left margin on the table). The E92 is new to me, so like a blind man at an orgy, I'm just trying to feel my way through the situation . I expect to be faster next time, even with the same setup.

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