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2003 BMW E85 Z4 SMG
Didn't like the SMG transmission, to be honest. I loved the car though, haha

2008 BMW E85 Z4///M
I loved everything about the car.

2011 BMW E89 Z4
Umm, kind of a love/hate feeling when I drove this car. I liked the styling of the car, but the drive itself seemed pretty dissapointing.

2009 BMW E90 335i
Pretty nice, very responsive

2008 BMW E92 ///M3
I absolutely loved this car. Responsive, easy to drive, and very fun

2013 FB Honda Civic Si
Pretty fun, to be honest. Responsive, and VTEC sounded pretty nice and was noticeable

2012 Fiat 500
It was okay. Had quite a bit of interior space for such a small car

1970 VW Beetle
One of the most fun cars that I've ever driven. I wish I bought the car when I had the chance

2013 VW Beetle
It was an okay car. I drove the automatic since they didn't have manual at the time. Same as the Fiat, a lot of interior space.

2012 Shelby GT500
Loved it, to be honest. Broke through traction like it wasn't even there

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