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Cool Moonstone pics

Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
Looks like Moonstone. I have seen that on an M5 once and it was beautiful. Complete with Piano Black.
It should be available under Individual.
Listen up guys,

I took some photos of a 6er in Moonstone Individual. As previously mentioned, Moonstone is a closer relative to Silverstone, i.e. silver with bluish hues - but Moonstone has a silkier appearance - trust me, I have seen a 5 and a 6 in Moonstone. In comparison, Brilliant White Individual is a radiant, pearlescent white that is close relative to Alpine White. Again, as with Moonstone, the Brilliant White has a silky, deeper look.

Enjoy the pics, and let me know whether you prefer the Moonstone or the Brilliant White. From what I understand, these photos of mine are only the second set for Moonstone on the Net!!!
I am currently in the process of trying to hunt down a Brilliant White that I, myself, can photograph for this forum.


P.S. Fox Red with Brilliant White Individual is definitely gonna be my selection if they have rolled-out the paint option to the M3 Cab by next Spring.

P.P.S. Epacy and JEllis, as per South's- and Leg's- posts, that "Most Unique Way To Drive A BMW" 6-series is in Brilliant White, and NOT Moonstone.
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