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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
Yeah I just got the news now! Machida vs Munoz will be great I think Hope Bisping recovers from his eye surgery. shit like that is no small business.

Okami getting shafted I don't really get it tbh. He wasn't too entertaining but he could have easily been put on fox cards and a gatekeeper.

I'm really watching TUF for the female fights. No real interest on the guys side besides Neal (cancer beater) and the other guy that trains with team alphamale.
+ 1 on everything.

It seems like Ronda is losing a lot of fans, if things keep going this way it wouldn't surprise me if she gets booed when she comes out to fight Tate. Her trainer seems like a real stain. I can't stand the guy. Not sure if Ronda is taking one for the team (UFC) because as annoying as she is, it's keeping me interested in the show.