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Originally Posted by RBB View Post
Also, do a dry fitting and tape up the edges of the performance spoiler and trunk with painter's tape. Makes it easy to line up and catches a lot of the betalink.
Originally Posted by spr View Post

I then taped both spoiler and surrounding painted areas with frog tape and used a nice thin bead of the betalink after sanding the spoiler and cleaning all areas with solvent. It came out great with only a few spots of excess. The spoiler is really on there! I was able to use a plastic trim removal tool to rub the excess off and then followed up with the solvent and quick detail. No prob.

One thing to note, maybe don't leave tape on the bottom painted areas on the udnerside of the spoiler in the middle as some of the tape became trapped under the betalink!! I had to score it lightly with a razor blade then use the trim tool to remove with and then solvent and quick detail.
I am about to install my own spoiler, but I'm having a hard time picturing what you guys mean by taping up the trunk with painter's tape. Does anyone have any photos of this?

Do you mean that you run tape across the front edge of the spoiler where it meets the trunk so that half the tape is on the spoiler and half on the trunk, sort of like a "hinge" between the spoiler and trunk? I suppose I could see how that would serve to keep the spoiler in the correct spot and would prevent Betalink from squirting out onto the top surface of the trunk, but would still allow you to squirt Betalink under the spoiler where it belongs.

Am I picturing this correctly?

Also, can Betalink be purchased at the dealership?
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